At Transcript HK we care about what we do and we'll only present work that we're 100% happy with. Our aim is to give good value for money and we're committed to providing the best possible service - accurate transcriptions, within budget and on time. We've been in business for 31 years now. Our clients like working with us and they keep coming back.




99% accurate

Our audio to transcript delivery is 99% accurate or better, among the highest precision rates in the industry. This accuracy starts with hiring only the most experienced, educated and talented transcriptionists from around the globe to join our team. 

done by humans

100% done by humans

Secondly, our transcription work is 100% done by humans, not by some audio transcription software. Other low-cost agencies use computer speech recognition, resulting in poor quality transcripts. We employ proprietary technology to help our transcriptionists work more accurately and faster, but every word is always typed by a human.


Quality check

Finally, we employ a system of quality checks and client feedback on each project, ensuring that only the best transcriptionists stay in our network and our clients receive exactly what they come to expect from us - accurate, reliable, professional transcription service. Our audio transcription jobs are given only to professionals with a lot of experience.