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If you need a transcript of your tape, CD, DVD, teleconference, webcast, or digital audio recording, then you have just clicked the right link.

Located in Hong Kong., we are a leading provider of comprehensive transcripts to a variety of clients nationwide, which include Congress, Hong Kong Government agencies, think tanks, conference organizers, film producers, journalists, court reporters, academia, and private sector entities.

Our staff of seasoned transcriptionists has a strong expertise in all transcript formats and subject matters.  Discover the difference experience can make.  If quality is important, choose a professional transcription service.

We have highly professional transcription staff to take care of your transcription needs. Audio to text service is offered by Quick Transcription Service at an unbeatable price and 100% data confidentiality

   Why transcript HK   ___________________________________
  • Team of in-house transcribers
  • Can deliver transcript within 5 working hours
  • Offer five different levels of transcripts
  • Specialists in transcribing heavy accents
  • Response time within 1 hour
  • All transcripts go through two levels of checks

  Transcription Service

  • English Transcription
  • Transcript HK specializes in providing best-in-class general and business transcription services. Our services have been used by professional conference organizers, translation companies, academic institutes, consultants and individuals.

    We provide reader-friendly, verbatim transcripts. Changes include removing stuttering, partial words like "ahs" and "ums", and repeated words. We can also take care of any special formatting and template requests you might have.

    Two Levels of Checks by our Experienced Transcribers

    All our transcripts go through two levels of checks by our experienced, in-house transcribers. The transcribers are well versed in a variety of fields such as medicine, business, media, science and technology. They are experienced in transcribing various accents and dialects, and specialize in transcribing heavy accents and speakers using English as a second language

    After initial transcription, the transcriber listens to the entire file and reads the transcript word for word, correcting any typos, unclear words, errors or omissions. As a second step, the resulting transcript is proof-read again by a senior proof-reader.

    Prompt Response and short turnaround times

    We reply to an inquiry within 1 hour during Business Hours. We are able to offer fast turnaround times primarily because all our work is done in-house. We can handle urgent requests and we have different turnaround times depending on the requirement of the client.

    File Formats

    We handle a wide variety of file formats: We accept digital files such as mp3, wma, wmv, IC recorder etc. For details, please refer to File Formats.

    File Transfer

    We have our own extranet facility, through which you can send or receive Digital files faster than FTP. Our extranet facility is also secured under verisign.

    Security and Confidentiality

    All our servers have firewalls installed to prevent access from unauthorized networks and we have latest anti-virus software on computers to protect against viruses. Other measures include restricting usage of data storage media viz. floppy disks and CD's to ensure confidentiality of information. All the employees are required to sign our "Confidentiality Agreement". Also, we have an exclusive account for file transfer and only an authorized person can access, download or send files through our system.

  • Process
  • Using our service to transcribe your audio is simple. Just take the following 6 easy steps:

    Step 1: Create Project: Along with the 'Project Name' and other details which you provide, our system will assign you a 'Project ID'

    Step 2: Upload Audio: Our system will automatically quote you a cost based on the length of your audio and the type of transcription sought

    Step 3: Review: After each audio file is uploaded, you will be prompted to continue uploading, submit payment (which is the trigger for us to begin transcription) or save the project and take later action.

    Step 4: Submit Payment: Upon receipt of your payment details, we will begin the process of assessing your audio to confirm that it can be transcribed. Upon receipt, your project status will change to 'Pending'.

    Step 5: Confirmation: We will confirm that your audio can be processed. Upon confirmation, your project status will change to 'Processing'.

    Step 6: Notice of Completion: We will inform you that your transcription has been completed. You will be able to download the completed text file and your project status will change to 'Complete'

  • File Formats
  • Digital Formats

    After saving it on your PC, you can upload the digital file directly to the secure extranet facility of our company.

    We accept the formats mentioned below:

    Voice file: MP3, MP2, WAV, WMA, AVI, VOX, RM, Streaming Media

    In case you find it difficult to upload the files to our extranet, we will do it for you. Please send your CD to one of the Transcript HK In such case, an extra charge is applicable.

    You can convert your analog tape to a digital file by yourself. For this you will need to buy a shareware. It is a one-time investment and you will not incur any other additional expenses thereafter. However, this is recommended only if you use transcription services frequently. Please inquire for further details.

  • Subject Areas
  • Conferences/Symposiums

    Participants at international conferences or international symposiums gather from all over the world. Hence, each speaker has an accent peculiar to their nationality. You can rely on Transcript HK as we have extensive experience in transcribing English with different accents. We have also transcribed for various important international conferences. In the past, we have often handled extremely urgent requests. The transcribed document has been sent to the client within a few hours. We have the required skill set and expertise for urgent and specialized tasks such as these.

    a) International Academic Societies Conferences: Medical related (Cancer/Diabetes/Psychology etc.)/Science and Engineering/Education related.

    b) International Symposiums: Corporate Symposiums (Software companies etc)/Medical related (Dentistry Society etc.)

    c) Business Conferences: Internal conferences, conference calls, business meetings, board meetings, various areas of corporate conferences.

    d) Q&A sessions and discussions after conferences

    Interview Transcription

    Transcript HK has a lot of experience in transcribing for a variety of styles of interviews and discussions:

    Marketing and research interviews
    Student research interviews
    Oral history interviews
    Telephone interview
    Recruitment interviews

    Presentations (Video/Audio)

    Audio or video recordings at academic society presentations or corporate presentations for new product release. We have transcribed recordings for a large variety of fields from new drug presentation to new software presentation.

    Various academic society presentations
    New product release presentations
    Corporate annual results presentation
    Presentation at Corporate Training
    Training Cassette Transcription


    If you wish to circulate the transcript of an English speech made by the president or the management, if you wish to keep a presentation made at your company training as a document, or if you wish to include the speech of the invited guests in the university newsletter, Transcript HK will take care of these requirements while you can use your time constructively.

    Company Management Speech
    Results Presentation Speech
    Invited guests speech
    Management Gurus

    Media Transcription

    Please rely on Transcript HK for transcription for product promotions, corporate commercials, news and interviews on TV or Radio.

    Video commercials
    Audio commercials
    News and interviews
    TV/Radio Show Transcription
    Documentary Transcription

    Medical Transcription
    Medical correspondence
    Psychiatric evaluation
    Interview and research
    Pharmaceutical drug making procedures

    Focus Group Transcription

    Focus Groups can be university students, medical professionals, market research, legal and property professionals. Basically focus groups are persons discussing an issue or issues.

    Types of discussions include:

    Roundtable discussions
    Focus groups
    Group discussions
    Drug advisory board meetings
    Brainstorming sessions
    Strategic planning sessions
    Surveys and market research


    We have handled English lyrics transcription.

    Single speaker seminar

    A host introduces the speaker. The speaker gives a lecture followed by discussion with the audience.

    Multi speaker seminar

  • Levels of Transcription
  • Service Description
    Verbatim Transcript This service is useful for an accurate representation of the audio. Transcription is done as closely as possible.
    Reader-Friendly Transcript As part of this service, changes include removing, partial words, stuttering "ahs" and "ums", and repeated words. We also perform basic spelling and punctuation checks to generate transcripts that are reader-friendly. Transcript HK offers a Reader-Friendly transcript as its default transcript.
    Transcription + Summarization In this service, the reader-friendly transcript is edited for grammar, sentence construction and word usage. We strongly recommend this service if the transcribed information is to be translated or circulated and is meant for internal/external use by clients, vendors, partners, etc. Word reduction up to 10%
    Large portions of the transcribed text are edited using new words if required, varying the sentence construction, and eliminating redundancies. Word reduction between 25% to 50%
    Abstract/Summary based on the client's specific requirements.


For a limited time, our transcription rates are only HKD 15 (with no minimums) on all economy (4 to 5 day) orders.

To get a quick estimate, use the following calculator:
To get an accurate online quote instantly,  click here.
(By uploading your file(s) we are able to determine the length of your audio files and
based on the options you choose, we can provide you the exact cost of your transcription.)

100% Human-Generated

Transcription Services

Our basic rates are as follows:

Turn Around Time (TAT)

Price per minute (HKD)

Urgent (6 - 12 hours)

18.00 (+20%)

Express (1 day)

16.50 (+10%)

Standard (2-3 days)

15.75 (+5%)

Economy (4-5 days)


 Note: These rates are consistent for all transcription types (Medical, Legal, Business, etc.)

Optional feature costs: We charge a very nominal fee for time stamping (coding) and verbatim transcriptions

Add On

Additional price per minute (HKD)

Clean Verbatim

no additional cost

Full Verbatim


Timecodes (2 minute intervals)


Timecodes (On speaker Change)




At Transcipt HK, we value transparency and close collaboration with our clients. Get an accurate transcription quote up front and check the status of your order anytime. 

Turnaround Time
Special offer for 10+ 

5-Day Service
3-Day Service
limited offer1-Day Service
6-12 Hour Service

Our Pricing is transparent. No surprises ever!
Calculate your price above.

All factors considered, here’s a simple guide to transcription turnaround time for a 1-hour recording:

Simple recording (clearly recorded, non-technical content, and no overtalking): 4 hours.

Complex recording (background noise, overtalking, or technical content): 5-9 hours.

Knowing this is helpful in calculating costs if your transcription service charges by hours worked. Some transcription companies, including IndianScribes, that charge by audio-minute (1 audio minute = 1 minute of recording). This type of billing is preferable if you need to know the exact cost of transcription beforehand.

When the audio quality is not good, this will take more time for the transcriber to transcribe. For example if an hour excellent audio takes 3 hours to transcribe then a difficult audio takes about 5 to 6 hours to transcribe. Even though we have different Transcription Rate for difficult audio we may not be able to give accuracy assurance for difficult audio as they might have more inaudible sections.

Transcription Rate - Accent:

Our Transcribers are familiar with Hong Kong, US and UK accent, audio with different accent will take more time for our transcriptionist to transcribe. This means the audio will be considered as difficult audio and you will be charged a different Audio Transcription Rate.

Transcription Rate - Number Of speakers:

When an audio file has more than one speaker, the transcriptionist must identify and place their names when they talk, this consumes time. When there are more speakers it obviously consumes more time to transcribe, that’s why Transcription Rate increases when the number of speakers increase in an audio file.

You may calculate your Transcription Price using our Transcription Price Calculator. Feel free to call us to get exact transcription rate for your order. Call us at (852) 2964-9876 (24 Hour / 7 Day Coverage).

Our production team will assess your audio and give you the exact transcription rate for your order.