Do you need a transcription of a recording that includes a group of people talking? We can do it! Our transcribers have many years of experience in dealing with such audio and video recordings, so you can be sure to get an accurate and affordable transcript.

In the world of marketing, focus groups have a big role to play. Basically, it is a large group of people (usually about 10 or more), the members of which discuss a particular product. Each person of the group has to express their opinion on the product in question. In this way, marketers can gather useful information.

We at Transcript HK know that focus group transcriptions can be extremely helpful in regards to market research. You can get the opinions directly from the users, and this allows you to shape your product and the marketing strategy into something really great. What is more, because of focus groups, academic people can do a lot of extensive research.

Why are focus group recordings special?

Transcribing focus group audio and video recordings is one of the most interesting and difficult jobs to a transcriber. It differs from transcribing interviews because there is no coherent structure and there are a lot of speakers. Additionally, you can come across some heated discussions when people interrupt and talk over each other, and this causes additional difficulties. Focus group transcriptions should be done by professionals who can deal with large groups of people talking at the same time!
As some confusion might occur, simply listening to a focus group recording is not a very efficient way to collect info for your research. There might be tons of different accents and dialects, different styles of speaking and different sound quality, as not all people are used to talking to the mic. Reading the text from a transcription is way different as you can understand everything accurately. You can easily mark the best ideas very quickly, without the need to rewind the recording many times.
At Transcript HK, focus group transcriptions are done by people who are used to transcribing recordings with many speakers and accents.
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