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At FindTranscript we specialize in offering online transcription services. We have taken our extensive knowledge in the field of offering transcription services and used it to help our customers in the best way possible. We offer the highest quality transcription services for all voice files to word files. We guarantee best possible transcription quality for the given quality of your voice recording. Our services are ideally suited for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Professors, Students, Attorneys, Market Researchers, Focus Group Moderators, Corporate Meetings, Board Meetings, etc.

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Our service is currently offered for digitally recorded voice files only. However, any transcription involving analog (tape) files can be looked into.

FindTranscript provides affordable and high quality transcription services. Our service is ideal for: interviews, depositions, business meetings, conference proceedings, seminars, workshops, focus group discussions, teleconferences, speeches, television shows & programs, pod-casts, press briefings, lectures, and much more.

Powered by talented customer support specialists, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding customized transcription services for you.


"Summarization is a brief version of a text and usually includes only the most important ideas. Examples and information that is not very essential are usually not included in a summary."

 Why summarization?

Interviews, lecturers, seminars, meetings, discussions, speeches, conferences, workshops etc. do contain irrelevant data which does not require documentation. By summarizing the transcript, the clients will have a reader friendly document which they can use for their desired purpose.

transcript HK can edit the literal, verbatim transcription into an easily understood summary where the speaker's meaning is clear. We offer everything from a simple verbatim transcript of your document to a complete editorial and re-writing service, making alterations where appropriate without changing the meaning of the original transcript. We can provide you with any length of documents, from a verbatim transcript to an abstract/summary. Instead of editing and rewriting a verbatim transcript yourself, trust the specialist in summarization service to write the document you want.

 Following are the some of the areas where summarization service is required:
Clinical Trials, Case studies, Medical reports
Business reports/ Magazines
Newsletter/Press release

Transcript HK supports quick, high-quality transcription for almost any conceivable type of transcription need.

Supported areas of transcription include, but are not limited to:

  • Phone/Conference Call Transcription
  • Focus Group Transcription
  • Interview Transcription
  • Deposition Transcription
  • Lecture, Speech, Seminar Transcription
  • Single Speaker Notes, Memos, Dictation Transcription
  • Training Session Transcription
  • Meetings and General Events Transcription
  • Panel Discussion Transcription
  • Teleconference and Webcast Transcription

Verbatim Transcription

With our Verbatim service, the entire event is transcribed exactly as recorded, including back-and-forth, word-for-word conversation for both moderator and respondents. Stutters, word crutches and mis-started sentences are eliminated for all speakers unless otherwise requested.

The key point about Verbatim is that it is the whole enchilada, exactly as it happened. This is terrific if the primary goal of the transcription is to provide a critical documentary record of an event (exactly what happened, when, what exactly was said, etc.). Note that it is not always the most practical form for more pragmatic uses, such as helping you do analysis and write research reports.


Let us know how we did! Your suggestions allow us to respond to your needs and expectations more efficiently in the future.


At Transcript HK we care about what we do and we'll only present work that we're 100% happy with.Our aim is to give good value for money and we're committed to providing the best possible service - accurate transcriptions, within budget and on time.We've been in business for 11 years now. Our clients like working with us and they keep coming back.



Almost every business can benefit from transcribing audio to text, and they use it for various purposes. The seven primary industries for which transcribing audio into text is most beneficial include:


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